NGC Maggie’s Wonderful Teams!

I have some awesome and wonderful teams that I am mentoring this year! All bring a unique perspective to New Global Citizens, which I absolutely love!

I first met Elizabeth’s team at Desert Mountain! The Desert Mountain team chose Kalinga Mission for Indigenous Children and Youth Development. The team seemed really empowered and passionate about this project! They’ve even started fundraising efforts, despite some hangups from their school. They will start their first fundraising at Yogurtology (on 15029 N Thompson Peak Parkway #B107 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 if you’re interested). 20% of the proceeds will go to their project. It’s very exciting!

Maddy at Chaparral is also doing a wonderful job!  They are doing well repair projects in Malawi, every $5 repairs a well! How exciting is that?! The team had a lot of good fundraising ideas such as headband selling at their football games, winter green project, and a coin drive! They are also thinking of doing a golf fundraiser in the spring semester! They’ve already raised over $100 this semester, I see a lot of good this year for them!

I am also really excited to have been introduced to two new teams: Bloomington and Mesa Academy! Bloomington, in Jefferson is thinking of doing a project in Chile, I’ve just started communication with them! They do seem like a awesome team, can’t wait to hear great things from their team! I am also super excited about Mesa Academy! They are the first Junior High team I have, and I’ll think that they’ll bring new and different perspectives to the table!

I haven’t heard from our other Desert Mountain team or Fair Lawn in New Jersey, but I’m very excited to get in contact with them!

Overall this first month as a New Global Citizens’ Intern has been awesome! I can’t wait to see what adventure’s will come later on 🙂

Maggie Eads

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