Katrina’s October Updates

Since my first involvement with New Global Citizens at the team mentor training, I have endured in much learning, growing and companionship with New Global Citizens. Although I had a vision on what to expect being a NGC team mentor, every expectation has been surpassed. I am very passionate in helping to create solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, therefore, it is incredible to be working with youth with that same drive. We are not alone. I focus on being the bridge in between my NGC teams and their projects. We at New Global Citizens are committed to mobilizing a generation to take action for global change. Through my communication with New Global Citizens teams, fellow team mentors, and the staff, I can tell that we truly all do feel, think, and act as a NGCitizen.

Thus far my teams have made significant forward movement. To start off with, Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona has chosen their global project to be House of Hope. House of Hope helps children orphaned because of AIDS to receive adequate nutrition, clean water, medical care, education, and the security of knowing that someone loves them. Team leader Maryam Shakir is very passionate about NGC and with her experience, she is leading her team in a positive direction. Basha’s NGC team participated in their school’s Homecoming carnival, and are planning a “One Love” dance in December in hopes for a large profit.

Second, Westminister in Massachusetts has chosen the Nirvanavan Foundation as their project.The Nirvanavan Foundation is a grassroots organization working in the remote areas of Alwar district of Rajasthan on education, ecological, and social issues. Then team feels very passionate about gender equality and child prostitution – mainly why they chose this grassroots organization. Team leader Marielle Lafaire was unfortunately ill with bronchitis for several weeks, but is quickly getting back into the swing of things. The team is brainstorming fundraiser ideas to raise both awareness and money for the Nirvanavan Foundation.

Third, Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona has chosen the Al-Rowwad Theater as their project. This specific project offers children in Aida, a refugee camp for Palestinians, an alternative to violence through activities like sports, arts and theater. Through these activities, Al-Rowwad teaches children to accept others and to engage in non-violent communication. Red Mountain has been involved with New Global Citizens for years now. Team leader Madison Klug runs a team that is committed to NGC. On October 29th they participated in their school’s tailgate. Now they are preparing for their annual benefit concert to happen in early 2011 for their project. I am very excited to attend!

Last, but certainly not least, Bioscience in Phoenix, Arizona. Bioscience, with their team leader Santiago Gariepy recently joined New Global Citizens and are in the process of recruiting members. Becoming first involved with New Global Citizens is both very exciting and nerve-wrecking. Once recruiting members, they will choose their project. Although I have not had the chance to have much direct communication with the Bioscience team, I am very confident in their abilities, and look forward to working more with them.

I feel like I have been working for New Global Citizens for much longer than I have because of the progress I have seen – I love it! I am committed to New Global Citizens, and take my role very seriously. I am here to support my schools and staff, and am looking forward to November!

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