California Teams December Update!


This was an AMAZING month for my NGC teams!! Now that clubs have gotten the ball running with recruitment and project choices they are executing some impressive and very successful fundraisers!

Irvington High School in Fremont held a restaurant fundraiser at BJ’s restaurant for the Center For Regional Development in Bolivia, a grassroots working to stop child labor in mines by providing scholarships and vocational training.

Diamond Bar High School near Los Angeles held several events for House of Hope in Uganda a center that offers 230 children orphaned because of AIDS food, water, shelter, education, and health care. They started off in October with a Halloween Gram fundraiser where they distributed grams to students with personalized notes and fun facts about their project for a dollar. Then they held a Tea Rush fundraiser at their local pearl milk tea shop. LOVED their flyers that said “ Have some Tea. Save the World “. Just this last week Diamond Bar covered their school in posters and facts, and presented a power point on the aftermath of HIV/AIDS (they called the entire event AFTERMATH).

Calabasas High School blew us all away with their dirty water drive for the Well Repair Project in Malawi. The team worked hard to collect old water bottles, fill them with dirty water, and then distributed over 350 of them during their dirty water pledge day drive. Monique Coleman, former High School Musical star and philanthropist appeared at the event. The dirty water drive collected $800 dollars. In November, Calabasas also sent out a fundraising letter that collected over $3000 dollars. The Well Repair Project helps bring fresh water to communities by fixing their wells for only 5$. Calabasas High School’s efforts will translate to 800 wells, NGC is SO proud of them.

Oxford High School hosted their silent vigil week. A week in which they COVER their school in facts about their project through posters, window paint, chalking, etc. This year Oxford is supporting the Amahoro Association in Rwanda, a center for orphaned youth that provides health care, activities, counseling, ad more.

As the semester comes to a close and finals take over, I am extremely proud of my teams for being so dedicated to New Global Citizens. Every new email or phone call I get from team leaders excited about their successful event or new idea makes me fall in love with this organization more and more. Already I’ve had students ask me about the possibility of staying on with NGC past high school, a sign that NGC is truly only the beginning for these teenagers, and that the impact they will make on the world is tremendous.

1 thought on “California Teams December Update!

  1. I just wanted to thank everyone at the New Global Citizens headquarters for allowing us (Calabasas High NGC) to make a difference by setting us up with everything we needed to do the event. I have learned so much from planning and carrying out the Malawi Well Project fundraising, and we could not have done it without the help from New Global Citizens. NGC is an amazing organization and we are all so thankful to be a part of the movement. =)

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