Winter News

I’d like to start by saying that I’m really proud of all of the teams for staying focused on NGC events and progress during a time in the year that is difficult to stay on track. With the various holiday breaks and stresses linked to college applications and the future, it is nice to see that there is still a passion for NGC projects.

I want to welcome Palmyra High School/PHS Interact club to New Global Citizens, they are a newly registered team who have chosen to support both School on Wheels and House of Hope Uganda. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but i’m hoping that Maggie and I will be able to encourage PHS as well as the Cherry Hill East team to support eachother, as Ms. Dianna Schwartz proposed, since the team leaders know eachother from a camp they both attended.

I want to congratulate Shaker High School for putting on their much anticipated talent show this past semester. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about how the event went because Angela fell ill and was unable to have a skype meeting prior to winter break.

I also want to congratulate University High School for hosting a successful clothing sale this semester. They raised $150 and as the team leader Nina Foushee said, “it was a real bonding experience.” Essentially the team collects clothing from peers for a week or two and then sets up a sale at someone’s house where there are appetizers, tea, etc. and each clothing item usually sells for $5. Not only is it a fundraiser, but it has been known to also be a social event where students can chat with eachother on the weekend but also support a cause. There are upcoming plans for a bonfire or dinner to also raise money for the interfaith mediation center, but no concrete plans have been made. The team also plans to attend the alternative Christmas sale at a local church and sell baked goods while educating the community about the project as was done the year before.

PV NGC has been having some problems in recruiting other members to help in supporting their project House of Hope. There was a scheduled meeting on December 4th with 10 of the team’s friends in order to talk about membership. Unfortunately the team hasn’t been replying to my emails, so I am unaware of the outcome of the meeting. The students are also planning to visit their school principals the first week back at school to discuss advocacy and a possible yogurtland benefit night is in the works. I’m hoping that I can get back into contact with PV NGC when the winter break concludes.

Steffany and the Tolleson/University High team have been doing a great job of fundraising this semester. They tabled at Tolleson Veteran’s Day Festival and were actually able to speak with a Tolleson city councilwoman who then let them speak on stage. They made $200 dollars on baked goods and were invited back to the Tolleson Christmas festival. They recently finished a bookmark sale and hosted a Carnival the weekend of Dec. 11th. They’ve run into a couple of problems in planning a benefit concert, the people in charge of the venue have not been in contact with them recently and they’re starting to worry if things will work out. I will be getting into contact with them soon to hear all about the events that have happened and hopefully provide some advice.

Congratulations to Raymond S. Kellis for seeing through their hot cocoa sale. They made $95 which is excellent. They are also planning to collect donations outside of a grocery store or sporting event during the holidays. There has been some trouble with engagement in this team which has proven to be difficult on the leaders but hopefully as there are more events in the spring, there will be more team bonding.

I was able to make a visit to Paradise Valley High School this semester and met with the team and its leaders. I’m very excited that they are supporting Agri-Forest Agents this year, because I am a huge supporter of environmental sustainability. The team is just starting up again and is having a hard time gaining membership as well. Their signs are being torn down and advertising has been difficult. I suggested they make some shirts and wear them on the same day to interest students at their school. They are currently coming up with ideas to fundraise and are still trying to educate themselves on what the project is really about.

I’m excited to start a fresh and new semester after the holidays and I look forward to seeing what the teams will come up with to progress their Support of their projects!


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