Cat February Update

My month started off with a fabulous call between the Diamond Bar HS team and Nicole from World Action for Humanity. The Diamond Bar team is raising funds and awareness for the House of Hope project in Uganda that World Action for Humanity partners with. House of Hope of Uganda offers 229 orphans clean water, food, medical care, and an education. The students asked Nicole several questions about House of Hope and her personal experience working for the U.N..  Overall this call was extremely successful, students were given a chance to hear about their project from a primary source and were impressed by Nicole’s inspiring stories. A complaint I heard from Diamond Bar when I met with them last semester was that their members felt they were not educated enough on the subject of HIV/AIDS in Uganda or House of Hope to properly educate their school. I feel the facts and stories Nicole provided them with will help bridge this knowledge gap and boost their confidence. They also were able to tell Nicole about their work for House of Hope and received thanks and encouragement from her which I’m sure was empowering.

The Bay area teams are doing particularly well. Gunn HS just finished collecting money in jars during their spirit week for Las Tias (  ), and gathered an impressive 700 dollars. Their second fundraiser of the year will be next saturday and is a school wide dodgeball tournament! “Dodge Poverty” asks students enter dodge ball teams at a cost of five dollars. Already businesses have offered to donate prizes and the team has even asked local trainers from gyms to participate and judge the event! This whole event is SO creative, I LOVE IT!

Mitty HS of San Jose is starting to form a team, and already I can tell their team will be a success. The two leaders have met with me numerous times throughout the year to discuss ways to get their team started. Their administration is finally allowing them to create a team, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Paly HS is hosting their first fundraiser of the year for the Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe, a grassroots offering girls scholarships. (   ). The Paly team is planning a garage sale where they will pass out educational information about their cause.

Oxford HS in L.A. is preparing for their biggest fundraiser of the year called Band Aid. The past couple years the Oxford team has asked local youtube bands to play for their city, and donated the profits to their chosen NGC project. This year they chose the Amahoro Association in Rwanda, a center that provides kids orphaned by HIV/ AIDS and the genocide with post trauma counseling, scholarships, HIV prevention, health care, and more. To learn more you can go to .

Wow! School has only been in session for one month and already the California teams are doing great things! I know I say it every month ( it’s only because its true), but I am SO proud of all my teams. Every week I hear another story of a grouchy administration that stopped a team from planning an event or get a stressed out call from a student who is over their head in finals and college apps… but through it all these students don’t take no for an answer and find a way to plan amazing events to benefit their projects!

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