Maggie’s Update!

I can’t believe its the end of January already!! My teams have been fabulous in keeping the momentum of awesomeness going!! They make me, and NGC really proud with their spectacular ideas and advocacy and approaches towards their projects!

Bloomington with Chloe as their leader is doing some real awesome things! They’ve got a really cool Battle of the Bands fundraiser approaching and they are working steadily to get it going! They will be required to sell 10 tickets (5 dollar presale, 8 dollar at the door and they are currently  looking around for sponsers and prizes. Wish them luck!! Starting a little later than most teams, I’m very happy to see them catch up and work hard for their project: Shelter of Friendship!! ( The Shelter of Friendship works with youth aged 12-24 who are living on the streets! This organization provides alternatives to help them find housing, tutoring, and counseling, a really awesome project! They need a couple more bands and then their Battle will be on the way!

Chaparral HS is doing some awesome things too! They’ve done a huge amount of fundraisers including Winter Greens, a coin drive, and headband sales. They’ve also got a lot of ideas coming this semester too including a car wash, bake sale, and maybe a letter campaign! There ambition, drive, and awesome teamwork will help with this large plate of fundraisers but I know they can handle it! Chaparral is helping the Malawi Well Repair Projects where only $5 can fix a well. This specific project seems to be really popular and is really easy to advocate, I think, because only FIVE DOLLARS will change someones life! How easy is that? Providing safe and clean drinking water to many families in Malawi is Chaparral’s campaign and they’re doing an awesome job!

I am welcoming a new team this month with Cherry Hill East High School. Led by Jessica and Chris, they seem to be at a good start. They’re still in the deciding processes of New Global Citizens but I think they are really honing in on The Sunshine Charity in Sri Lanka. The Sunshine Charity helps provide short and long-term aid to families affected by the 2004 tsunami. This is an AWESOME project and I can’t wait to help them decide projects for it!

Desert Mountain HS is still going strong with Elizabeth as their leader! They’ll hopefully be doing some fundraisers and more advocacy missions before the end of the year! I’m really excited to hear from them soon about their new semester and updates!

I am really happy about the progress that Mesa Academy has made! This junior high group is ALSO doing the Malawi Well Repair Project and has some fantastic ideas in the works including selling water bottles with pre-printed labels about the project, and what people can do to help! I can’t wait to see where this fundraising idea gets them!!

One of my newest teams, Espiritu Charter, is also off to a GREAT start! This is one of New Global Citizens’ classroom groups and they are going to do amazing things, I know it! I visited this team just a few weeks ago and I can tell that they’ve got a great passion for helping and fundraising. Being able to advocate for international projects won’t be a problem for this team at all!! They are still in the beginning stages of project choosing so I’ll keep the blog updated on what this team chooses!

Each of my teams brings a unique and personal perspective to their projects, and New Global Citizens! It’s refreshing to note how the future is being held in such responsible and caring students! Not only do these kids recognize the importance of their projects, but at the velocity its being impacted! I just want to thank all my teams for pushing through the frustrating times, whether it be the school administration or nit-picky companies who won’t help, I know and NGC knows what an awesome job you guys are truly doing!

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