Lookin’ good there, 2011!

A new year has begun, and there is no better movement than New Global Citizens to make a change! The spring semester holds great things, and I for one am very excited. Our teams are in the process of planning phenomenal fundraisers in order to raising money and awareness for their respective projects. I am lucky to firsthand experience this, and I’m looking forward to attending and supporting the many adventures in the upcoming months. 🙂

After enjoying the holidays, we are off to a fantastic start. January was primarily filled with getting back into the groove of things. Although no fundraiser initiations took place, I know that behind-the-scenes, all of my teams are working hard! I can’t wait for all the team leaders to reply to my obnoxious messages to hear how everybody’s doing!

To begin with, I’d like to welcome our newest school, Perry High School from Gilbert, Arizona. Interestingly, I graduated from Perry in June 2010. The home of the Pumas initiated a club called FACES, an acronym meaning For A Cause Educating Students. The club raised money and awareness for a handful of organizations. They decided to collaborate with NGC after losing members and motivation in their club. They wish to make a global difference and feel NGC will be the perfect piece to their puzzle. Team leaders are in the process of deciding on their project, as well as their goals. Can’t wait to work with you, PHS!

Just 2 miles down, Basha High School is truly forming a family within their New Global Citizens team. Further explained, they recently had a “Culture Night.” Here each member brought an item, food or article of clothing representing their respective culture. The enjoyed an evening of bonding and sharing. Team leader Maryam Shakir holds the mission of NGC and diversity close to her heart, and as a result, culture night was a success! How fun, Basha! Basha’s global project, House of Hope, helps children orphaned because of AIDS to receive clean water, medical care, education, adequate nutrition and most importantly, the security of knowing that somebody loves them. The team has successfully raised awareness and money for their project with a booth at Homecoming and hosting “Bracelets of Hope.” Next up, a dodgeball tournament. They are hard at work in making this the biggest dodgeball tournament BHS has ever seen! Keep it up, Basha!

Westminster in Massachusetts has started of 2011 on the right foot! As I’m typing this, Marielle and her NGC team are selling raffle tickets for an Itouch, Itunes gift card and Netflix gift card! All of these prizes were donated to the NGC team. How awesome is that?! The team will be profiting significantly while having a blast. Man, would I love being a student there! 🙂 The team has already made a difference for their project, The Nirvanavan Foundation – a grassroots organization working in remote areas of Alwar district of Rajasthan on education, ecological and social issues. They made about $265.00 at their bake sale and with this raffle, they will see this increase over the next few weeks. Congratulations, Westminster! Keep up the hard work!

Bioscience in Phoenix, Arizona is SO close to getting rolling! I am anticipating working closer with them to be able to assist the new NGC team! If I don’t hear anything soon, I’ll be marching on over on account they’re less than a mile away from my residency hall! 🙂 Now that we’ve formed a team who understands the New Global Citizens mission, we will finalizing choosing our project and making our goals.

Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona is busy planning their annual benefit concert! I look forward to getting in touch with team leader Madison to see how things are rolling! I for one, am stoked for this concert! It is always a huge success, and I want to be as involved as I can. Gooooo, Red Mountain! 🙂

My fellow Chicago team, The Papa Bears! Walter Payton College Preparatory School is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY with their 3 projects!! The team continues to impress me with their ambition. I’m excited to hear back from the wonderful group of team leader about what’s next on the agenda. I know that we’re brainstorming fundraising ideas and no matter what we choose, we will be successful as Papa Bears! 🙂

Cypress Falls High School in Texas are putting their ideas of  selling candy grams and carnation grams, hosting a rummage sale, having a community book sale and hosting a board game tournament into ACTION! Cypress Falls New Global Citizens team is full of creativity and I look forward to working with them more during this spring semester to reach our goals!

January was fun, and now I’m looking forward to achievement this February! We as New Global Citizens have so much promise, and I can’t wait to see it in action! 🙂




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