<3 February Update

I am so amazed at how creative the teams have been this month with their events! It can be difficult to engage students in extracurricular activities that involve serious global issues and I’m so happy to see fun and exciting things happening to really pull students in to the NGC experience.

Tolleson/University High has been SO busy planning events! Their holiday carnivals went really well and now they are planning a movie night as well as a poetry night. On Fri, Feb 18th they will be co-hosting an event with their school’s Student Advisory Board to initiate a conversation on campus about public education. They will be showing the film Waiting for Superman and providing a panel of speakers to discuss it’s content and relate it to their NGC project the Afghan institute of learning. Then on Fri, Feb 25th they will be hosting an event called poetry café in which students and community members will be reading Afghan poetry along with original poetry. At their last meeting they played excerpts from poems featured in the piece lost voices of afghanistan found on the BBC:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/documentaries/2011/01/110119_doc_lost_voices_afghanistan.shtml               Which was really powerful. Tolleson also recently had a focus meeting with ASU at their campus to discuss it’s new tourism degree. Great job guys, I have loved coming to your meetings!

Raymond S. Kellis has been busy planning their Valentine’s Day event entitled Send Your Love To Africa . At This event the team will be selling Valentine’s Day  hearts with student’s names on them and then posting them all over a “heart attack” wall in order to raise funds for House of Hope Uganda. They also are planning a few more events before the end of the semester. They’ve created a tumblr page: http://rskhsngc.tumblr.com/ to describe their club and House of Hope

University High School has been crazy busy with their annual government project and therefore haven’t had a lot of time to do all things NGC BUT they a couple things in the works that sound awesome. This coming weekend they will be hosting a movie showing of the film Women’s Empowerment which was sent out in one of the NGC monthly challenge packets. They are hoping that this will re-establish a buzz on campus about NGC. in the coming weeks they are also planning to host a forum concerning economics in developing countries in order to address the lack of economic opportunities that exist in certain countries and how that can lead to religious conflict. If this forum sparks interest, they are hoping to put on a bonfire/dinner event to further discuss the issues, connect them to their project Interfaith Mediation Center, and raise funds.

PV NGC will be having their first fundraising event at Rubios for a benefit night on February 16th. They have also been in contact with other restaurants and frozen yogurt shops in the area to start doing more benefit nights for House of Hope.

Palmyra High school is still in the process of picking their project which they’ve narrowed down to APOPO, House of Hope, or School on Wheels. I’m secretly hoping that they’ll pick APOPO because i think it is such an amazingly interesting project, but of course all of the projects are wonderful so they can’t go wrong.

Paradise Valley has unfortunately run into some technical problems involving the NGC website and have since been slightly overwhelmed with the process. Hopefully we can get back into touch so that they can continue with their support of Agri-forest Agents.

I haven’t heard from Shaker HS since they had their extremely successful talent show in which they earned over $1,000. from the pictures, it looked like a blast and i’m very proud of them for pulling together their leadership to put on this event. hopefully a skype meeting is in our future if i can resume contact.

Finally I want to welcome Seton Catholic Prep to the NGC family, hopefully i will hear from them soon!

Hoping everyone a happy Valentine’s Day and a wonderful February


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