March Updates-Athena

The month has just begun and already teams are making great progress, i can’t wait to see how the end of the month will look like!

University High will be hosting their BONFIRE! event this Friday, March 11th. They have been holding discussions on campus about economic development in third world countries and how it relates to religious conflict. The economics program at UHS is very influential and so the NGC team is trying to involve that community and link it to their project, The Interfaith Mediation Center. I have sent them the link to the movie, the Imam and the Pastor ( and  I’m interested to see if they will show it at their event

Tolleson High school, as i mentioned in February’s updates have recently completed two big events, their Waiting for Superman Documentary night, and their Poetry Café. I was unfortunately unable to attend either events but i heard they were a real success. Their team has done a really great job of delegating tasks and making a lot of progress considering their team has a lot of members. They have a lot of support from their advisor as well, Mr. Goman, which has helped in recruiting and retaining membership.

Raymond S. Kellis finished their Valentine’s Day event entitled Send Your Love To Africa. They raised $80, but were slightly frustrated because their event was not put into the school’s announcements leading the school to be virtually unaware of the event. But it was still a successful event and they now find themselves sort of stumped as to what kind of event they will put on next. Iw ill be sending them some resources and videos soon to hopefully inspire something.

Shaker High has been keeping status quo since their amazing talent show event and have recently been given permission by their school’s administration to sell fair trade chocolate on campus. Tolleson High followed through on this idea earlier in the year and so i put Angela into contact with Steffany to discuss best practices. Hopefully with the resources from Oxfam i provided the team with on the explanation on global trade they will also be able to educate the community at Shaker about fair trade principles as well.

Seton Catholic Prep has been gearing up for their global awareness day taking place tomorrow (Ash wednesday) in which every class period will experience the concept of lacking resources. ie. first period without air conditioning, second period without desks, etc. The team is hoping to focus on education and poverty this year since they see so many connections between the two issues. They are unsure as to what project or if they are going to choose a project this year.

PV NGC had their Rubio’s benefit night this past month and have planned a second fundraiser for this month. They will be collecting old sports equipment and selling it to play it again sports in order to raise some money. They are also in the process of writing their principal a letter asking permission to fundraise on campus and they are planning to have another team meeting in April.

I have not been able to get into contact with Paradise Valley High since their technical difficulties with the NGC website.

Palmyra High has officially chosen to support APOPO which i am super excited about. they are now in the process of making promo posters and having more team meetings.

I hope that all NGC teams have a wonderful and safe spring break and I hope to be seeing the UHS team this weekend at their BONFIRE! event 🙂


March Madness!

Here at New Global Citizens, we’ve had another successful month. My specific NGC teams are starting to feel their classes come to a close, and are gearing up to end the school year with a BAM! As always, my team leaders and their teams are working their hardest in raising awareness and funds for their projects. Each and every team have a unique flare in making them function. I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed getting to know the various teams and I’m honored to have made a difference with them up to this point. Here’s a look at what my wonderful teams have accomplished in the past month:

First and foremost, I’d like to welcome our newest New Global Citizens teams, Piedmont High School. Piedmont joins us from North Carolina and have collaborated a strong group of motivated girls. This is the first NGC team in North Carolina! Way to go, girls. At this time the team leader and NGC team will start the process in selecting a project, and from there, decide on their goals as a school and community.  We are all looking forward to getting things rolling, and then making a loud statement in the fall of 2011!

Speaking of new teams, Perry High School from Gilbert, AZ is coming close to their final decision of the project they’d like to support! Very exciting. As soon as this is chosen, the NGC team will decide on their school and community goals. Overall, a goal of Perry is to set a foundation of NGC this year before the start of the next school year. Team leaders Whitney and Emilee will be graduating; therefore, they are focusing on creating a strong, motivated group with one, important focus. 🙂

Over to Texas, Cypress Falls High School is working diligently! They are beginning their first fundraiser, and we are envisioning a great success! Team leader Christina is passionate and optimistic, knowing what works and doesn’t work at her school. Candy sells REALLY WELL at Cypress Falls; therefore, the NGC team will be selling candy with slips of paper on them with facts of their organization. That way they’re raising funds and awareness simultaneously. Good thinking, Cypress Falls! We can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Bioscience is in need of feeling the love from its fellow NGC family! Also off to a rough start this semester, Santiago and his team are struggling in motivating others to “be the change.” Don’t be alarmed, we will prevail! We will decide on goals and a project to be in great shape for the fall of 2011!

Back in Chandler, AZ, Basha High School is taking NGC to a whole new level. With a slow start to the semester, team leader Maryam and her team are about to shake their school. They are running, “Chose the Children Challenge,” an effort to raise  raising money and awareness for the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda – one person at a time. They Propose the Chose the Children Challenge, an on going event in the month of April. There will be New Global Citizens around the school with cameras at lunches and during passing period who take pictures of students with a sign saying __________ (I Chose Children, or I take the challenge). They will sign a petition stating that on ________ date the following week, they will challenge themselves by donating the money they would have spent on lunch and going without for a day. Alternatives to going without lunch could be to be to cover their books black symbolic, of the kids throughout the world who have no access to education, or submitting a fact they find related to Aids related deaths in children. They will have a wall in a school building dedicated to this project during the weeks it occurs, with the pictures centered around a central poster with a strong message containing their campaign to encourage others to take the challenge and raise awareness. I for one, AM SO EXCITED!! 🙂 This is a fantastic ideal, and it WILL be very successful.

The Papa Bears in Chicago are also impressing me with their hard work and dedication toward NGC! They are doing a supply drive to one of their 3 projects, School on Wheels. They are planning on bringing the supplies to the LaGrange Site. The Paper Bears team is also making bracelets to sell to their peers to raise some additional money. In addition, the wonderful team raises about $100 wrapping presents recently at a local book store! The team leaders see the significance is “small” fundraisers, and will continue to make a great difference at Walter Payton College Preparatory!

Red Mountain High here in Mesa is wrapping things up for this school year. Ahead of the game, they have organized for next year, deciding on a team leader and other specifics. Not too long ago, their school held a benefit concert in which a percentage went towards NGC! It was a success and their team had important roles in making it a hit! Great job, Red Mountain!

Let me just say, I wish that I could take a stroll over to Westminster in Massachusetts to check out what great things they’re doing! Like always, I’m looking forward to hearing from their team leader and what successes her NGC team has had. After a raffle and bake sale, their team will continue with fantastic fundraisers grow as a school and community!

Wrapping up, Waukegan has moved forward with full force!! Soon they be speaking in Downtown Waukegan at the Community Connection Center in hopes for support. This Saturday they will advocate, educate and fundraise through their effort toward building a connection between their school and community. In addition, they will be hosting a “Despicable Me” movie night and popcorn sale! How fun! 🙂 Team leader Ruben has truly impressed me, and I am so glad that I can support this team. They are supporting Bocas School Project and have created goals that I know they will be successful in fulfilling.

PHEW! As you can see, NGC has been a bit busy! Hey…that rhymed! 🙂 I am more than happy in seeing that we are making a difference. Every single one of you are agents of positive change. Now lets continue to work hard and make the last quarter AWESOME. Have a safe and fun spring break, everyone! Much love. 🙂


Cat’s March Update!

I wanted to start out by giving a special shout out to a team that I feel was especially inspiring this month. I met with Irvington HS last week and was blown away by the long long long list of fundraisers they were planning that successfully incorporated ALL four of NGC’s F.A.C.E. goals. In case you are wondering what F.A.C.E. stands for, it represents the four goals NGC teams strive to acheive: fundraising, advocacy, community, and education. Irvington HS is at the moment talking to their local elementary schools about hosting a fundraiser that involves grades K-5. They plan on going from class to class and educating about their project, the Center for Regional Development in Bolivia. They will then challenge each classroom to fill a jar full of coins to benefit their project. Whichever class raises the most money will be lucky enough to win a pizza party! I LOVED this idea, not only does it involve youth but it involves three out of four of the face goals: education, fundraising, and community. The team’s second idea (yes there’s more) was to throw an awareness week during which they would post facts around their school and host educational activities at lunch. On top of all that they also are going to volunteer at their local community soup kitchen.

Other California teams stood out this month as well. Our San Francisco team, Lick Wilmerding, sold bracelets (cleverly named them “Lickstrongs”)  at their school sporting events to raise funds for the Bocas School Project in Panama.  Their team is also planning on having a booth at their school service carnival with food, games, crafts, and activities to benefit their project. Palo Alto High School is hoping on throwing a garage sale within the next month that will raise funds for the Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe. The girls of the Paly team did a fabulous job with their first fundraiser and raised $120 dollars through a bake sale last month, and I’m sure this upcoming garage sale will be a hit.

Even though I went on a long rant about how amazing Calabasas High School’s Malawi Well Repair Project fundraiser was last month, I have to add that Monique Coleman (actress from High School Musical) posted the videos from her visit and you should all check it out.
Here is an interview between Monique Coleman and Emily Isaac the Calabasas HS team leader:

Oxford High School in Los Angeles is still working hard and planning their benefit concert for the Amahoro Association. This project is especially exciting for me since I recently decided that I will be volunteering at the Amahoro Association this summer. I spoke to the girls at Oxford who agreed to help me gather school supplies that I can then bring to the Association.
One of the amazing perks of working for NGC (or being a club member) is the awesome opportunities it brings. Since NGC is all about raising a more globally aware generation, the staff will help out a member that expresses a desire to visit a project in any way they can. NGC also supports programs like Global Citizens Year, a fantastic program that sends youth to locations in Senegal, Nicaragua, or Ecuador, and places them in jobs that suits their interests.

Can’t wait to see what teams have planned for this upcoming month 🙂


Maggie’s Update!!

New Global Citizens is very proud of the hard work that continues through our dedicated and passionate teams. Each team brings new insight and creativity to the New Global Citizens world! I am so proud of each of my teams and I’m so excited to tell you all about them this month!

First with Chaparral High School! I cannot speak enough good things about this team! They are rolling on with amazing ideas and coming up with a new fundraiser EACH month!! Overall, they’ve already raised over $1000 dollars with their various projects! This month, they had planned a bake sale and raised over $200!! They are planning another event in March and I am betting they are going to do amazing!!

Jefferson with Chloe is doing so wonderful! Their Battle of the Bands is coming along awesome and they are planning a dodgeball fundraiser towards the end of school. Chloe is going a great job leading her team and I know they are going to a great job with their Battle of the Bands! They are charging money for each ticket and making the teams sell seats. For their advocacy, they are going in front of the whole audience speaking about their project! How cool is that??

Espiritu Charter school is also doing awesome! They have their first fundraiser on Friday! They also have another one planned towards the end of March! I am really excited to hear the details about how all of this goes!

Jessica Stern from Cherry Hill East High School is also doing wonders! Her team just started getting members (16) and they are planning all of their fundraisers and getting everything ready. I have confidence that her and her team are going to do awesome things as well!

I haven’t heard anything new from Mesa Academy, but I know they are doing well with the help of their advisor and hope to hear from them soon! I also can’t wait to hear from Elizabeth from Desert Mountain! I know they’re team is planning an awesome fundraiser and I can’t wait to find out more about it!

I’d like to welcome my new team Verde Valley High School! I have just barely gotten into contact with their advisor and they are planning their first meeting tomorrow! Im really excited to hear about how everything is getting started!

This is all I have for now! I can’t wait to share more about my AMAZING teams with you next month!

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

– Maya Angelou