Cat’s March Update!

I wanted to start out by giving a special shout out to a team that I feel was especially inspiring this month. I met with Irvington HS last week and was blown away by the long long long list of fundraisers they were planning that successfully incorporated ALL four of NGC’s F.A.C.E. goals. In case you are wondering what F.A.C.E. stands for, it represents the four goals NGC teams strive to acheive: fundraising, advocacy, community, and education. Irvington HS is at the moment talking to their local elementary schools about hosting a fundraiser that involves grades K-5. They plan on going from class to class and educating about their project, the Center for Regional Development in Bolivia. They will then challenge each classroom to fill a jar full of coins to benefit their project. Whichever class raises the most money will be lucky enough to win a pizza party! I LOVED this idea, not only does it involve youth but it involves three out of four of the face goals: education, fundraising, and community. The team’s second idea (yes there’s more) was to throw an awareness week during which they would post facts around their school and host educational activities at lunch. On top of all that they also are going to volunteer at their local community soup kitchen.

Other California teams stood out this month as well. Our San Francisco team, Lick Wilmerding, sold bracelets (cleverly named them “Lickstrongs”)  at their school sporting events to raise funds for the Bocas School Project in Panama.  Their team is also planning on having a booth at their school service carnival with food, games, crafts, and activities to benefit their project. Palo Alto High School is hoping on throwing a garage sale within the next month that will raise funds for the Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe. The girls of the Paly team did a fabulous job with their first fundraiser and raised $120 dollars through a bake sale last month, and I’m sure this upcoming garage sale will be a hit.

Even though I went on a long rant about how amazing Calabasas High School’s Malawi Well Repair Project fundraiser was last month, I have to add that Monique Coleman (actress from High School Musical) posted the videos from her visit and you should all check it out.
Here is an interview between Monique Coleman and Emily Isaac the Calabasas HS team leader:

Oxford High School in Los Angeles is still working hard and planning their benefit concert for the Amahoro Association. This project is especially exciting for me since I recently decided that I will be volunteering at the Amahoro Association this summer. I spoke to the girls at Oxford who agreed to help me gather school supplies that I can then bring to the Association.
One of the amazing perks of working for NGC (or being a club member) is the awesome opportunities it brings. Since NGC is all about raising a more globally aware generation, the staff will help out a member that expresses a desire to visit a project in any way they can. NGC also supports programs like Global Citizens Year, a fantastic program that sends youth to locations in Senegal, Nicaragua, or Ecuador, and places them in jobs that suits their interests.

Can’t wait to see what teams have planned for this upcoming month 🙂


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