March Madness!

Here at New Global Citizens, we’ve had another successful month. My specific NGC teams are starting to feel their classes come to a close, and are gearing up to end the school year with a BAM! As always, my team leaders and their teams are working their hardest in raising awareness and funds for their projects. Each and every team have a unique flare in making them function. I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed getting to know the various teams and I’m honored to have made a difference with them up to this point. Here’s a look at what my wonderful teams have accomplished in the past month:

First and foremost, I’d like to welcome our newest New Global Citizens teams, Piedmont High School. Piedmont joins us from North Carolina and have collaborated a strong group of motivated girls. This is the first NGC team in North Carolina! Way to go, girls. At this time the team leader and NGC team will start the process in selecting a project, and from there, decide on their goals as a school and community.  We are all looking forward to getting things rolling, and then making a loud statement in the fall of 2011!

Speaking of new teams, Perry High School from Gilbert, AZ is coming close to their final decision of the project they’d like to support! Very exciting. As soon as this is chosen, the NGC team will decide on their school and community goals. Overall, a goal of Perry is to set a foundation of NGC this year before the start of the next school year. Team leaders Whitney and Emilee will be graduating; therefore, they are focusing on creating a strong, motivated group with one, important focus. 🙂

Over to Texas, Cypress Falls High School is working diligently! They are beginning their first fundraiser, and we are envisioning a great success! Team leader Christina is passionate and optimistic, knowing what works and doesn’t work at her school. Candy sells REALLY WELL at Cypress Falls; therefore, the NGC team will be selling candy with slips of paper on them with facts of their organization. That way they’re raising funds and awareness simultaneously. Good thinking, Cypress Falls! We can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Bioscience is in need of feeling the love from its fellow NGC family! Also off to a rough start this semester, Santiago and his team are struggling in motivating others to “be the change.” Don’t be alarmed, we will prevail! We will decide on goals and a project to be in great shape for the fall of 2011!

Back in Chandler, AZ, Basha High School is taking NGC to a whole new level. With a slow start to the semester, team leader Maryam and her team are about to shake their school. They are running, “Chose the Children Challenge,” an effort to raise  raising money and awareness for the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda – one person at a time. They Propose the Chose the Children Challenge, an on going event in the month of April. There will be New Global Citizens around the school with cameras at lunches and during passing period who take pictures of students with a sign saying __________ (I Chose Children, or I take the challenge). They will sign a petition stating that on ________ date the following week, they will challenge themselves by donating the money they would have spent on lunch and going without for a day. Alternatives to going without lunch could be to be to cover their books black symbolic, of the kids throughout the world who have no access to education, or submitting a fact they find related to Aids related deaths in children. They will have a wall in a school building dedicated to this project during the weeks it occurs, with the pictures centered around a central poster with a strong message containing their campaign to encourage others to take the challenge and raise awareness. I for one, AM SO EXCITED!! 🙂 This is a fantastic ideal, and it WILL be very successful.

The Papa Bears in Chicago are also impressing me with their hard work and dedication toward NGC! They are doing a supply drive to one of their 3 projects, School on Wheels. They are planning on bringing the supplies to the LaGrange Site. The Paper Bears team is also making bracelets to sell to their peers to raise some additional money. In addition, the wonderful team raises about $100 wrapping presents recently at a local book store! The team leaders see the significance is “small” fundraisers, and will continue to make a great difference at Walter Payton College Preparatory!

Red Mountain High here in Mesa is wrapping things up for this school year. Ahead of the game, they have organized for next year, deciding on a team leader and other specifics. Not too long ago, their school held a benefit concert in which a percentage went towards NGC! It was a success and their team had important roles in making it a hit! Great job, Red Mountain!

Let me just say, I wish that I could take a stroll over to Westminster in Massachusetts to check out what great things they’re doing! Like always, I’m looking forward to hearing from their team leader and what successes her NGC team has had. After a raffle and bake sale, their team will continue with fantastic fundraisers grow as a school and community!

Wrapping up, Waukegan has moved forward with full force!! Soon they be speaking in Downtown Waukegan at the Community Connection Center in hopes for support. This Saturday they will advocate, educate and fundraise through their effort toward building a connection between their school and community. In addition, they will be hosting a “Despicable Me” movie night and popcorn sale! How fun! 🙂 Team leader Ruben has truly impressed me, and I am so glad that I can support this team. They are supporting Bocas School Project and have created goals that I know they will be successful in fulfilling.

PHEW! As you can see, NGC has been a bit busy! Hey…that rhymed! 🙂 I am more than happy in seeing that we are making a difference. Every single one of you are agents of positive change. Now lets continue to work hard and make the last quarter AWESOME. Have a safe and fun spring break, everyone! Much love. 🙂


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