March Updates-Athena

The month has just begun and already teams are making great progress, i can’t wait to see how the end of the month will look like!

University High will be hosting their BONFIRE! event this Friday, March 11th. They have been holding discussions on campus about economic development in third world countries and how it relates to religious conflict. The economics program at UHS is very influential and so the NGC team is trying to involve that community and link it to their project, The Interfaith Mediation Center. I have sent them the link to the movie, the Imam and the Pastor ( and  I’m interested to see if they will show it at their event

Tolleson High school, as i mentioned in February’s updates have recently completed two big events, their Waiting for Superman Documentary night, and their Poetry Café. I was unfortunately unable to attend either events but i heard they were a real success. Their team has done a really great job of delegating tasks and making a lot of progress considering their team has a lot of members. They have a lot of support from their advisor as well, Mr. Goman, which has helped in recruiting and retaining membership.

Raymond S. Kellis finished their Valentine’s Day event entitled Send Your Love To Africa. They raised $80, but were slightly frustrated because their event was not put into the school’s announcements leading the school to be virtually unaware of the event. But it was still a successful event and they now find themselves sort of stumped as to what kind of event they will put on next. Iw ill be sending them some resources and videos soon to hopefully inspire something.

Shaker High has been keeping status quo since their amazing talent show event and have recently been given permission by their school’s administration to sell fair trade chocolate on campus. Tolleson High followed through on this idea earlier in the year and so i put Angela into contact with Steffany to discuss best practices. Hopefully with the resources from Oxfam i provided the team with on the explanation on global trade they will also be able to educate the community at Shaker about fair trade principles as well.

Seton Catholic Prep has been gearing up for their global awareness day taking place tomorrow (Ash wednesday) in which every class period will experience the concept of lacking resources. ie. first period without air conditioning, second period without desks, etc. The team is hoping to focus on education and poverty this year since they see so many connections between the two issues. They are unsure as to what project or if they are going to choose a project this year.

PV NGC had their Rubio’s benefit night this past month and have planned a second fundraiser for this month. They will be collecting old sports equipment and selling it to play it again sports in order to raise some money. They are also in the process of writing their principal a letter asking permission to fundraise on campus and they are planning to have another team meeting in April.

I have not been able to get into contact with Paradise Valley High since their technical difficulties with the NGC website.

Palmyra High has officially chosen to support APOPO which i am super excited about. they are now in the process of making promo posters and having more team meetings.

I hope that all NGC teams have a wonderful and safe spring break and I hope to be seeing the UHS team this weekend at their BONFIRE! event 🙂


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