1, 2, 3, action!

With some schools anticipating the last day of class, and others already soaking in summer break, we here at New Global Citizens are wrapping up! The 2010-2011 school year is coming to an end and that means it’s time to share all the hard work we’ve done! Through immense generosity we’ve raised funds and awareness, and it’s time to unveil it. Lets take a glimpse at the end of the year tasks the terrific teams are achieving:

Perry High School from Gilbert, AZ is successfully remodeling their organization, enabling it to wholly be dedicated to New Global Citizens next year. For the last 3 years the club has been named FACES – For A Cause Educating Students. Here they focused on 4 well-known organizations such as Invisible Children to raise money and awareness. Overtime the club recognized a lack of focus and support, leading them to become a New Global Citizens team. Though starting late in the year they have already formed a solid foundation. With this transformation they will focus on one NGC project next year with a group of team leaders. This new direction will help formulate a group of students with the ability to make a difference. Go Pumas!

That’s a wrap for Red Mountain High from Mesa, AZ. With newly elected team leaders, Red Mountain is set for success next year. With co-presidents, a vice-president and a secretary, the students are excited to plan for the 2011-2012 school year. All sophomores, they are ready to dedicate themselves to New Global Citizens and grow as individuals. After a number of small fundraisers and their big annual benefit concert, Red Mountain surely kicked butt this year!

Waukegan never, ever fails to impress me! After speaking with their Downtown communicating and gaining much appreciated support, Waukegan has succeeded in advocating, educating and fundraising. Through their many movie nights and popcorn sales, the team has gained sufficient funds and awareness, all while creating a sense of community in the student body. Fun and simple, this event works every time! Recently Waukegan attended a nearby elementary school carnival to raise awareness and gain support. Meanwhile the team is currently working on recruitment for the 2011-2012 school year. They are giving presentations in front of numerous classes to gain new members, and plan on meeting over the summer to get a head start on next year’s goals. They will also be working with an organization named “Community Connection Center” to hopefully gain support from local politicians. Dare to dream big, Waukegan! 🙂

Heading over to Westminster, the team is wrapping up things with less than 20 days left of school! They raised…drumroll please…$827, which was over twice the amount of their initial face goal! They also educated over 600 people about the Nirvanavan foundation and its goals. They’re completing all of their end-of-the-year tasks and as their team mentor, have really made me proud!

Basha High School stepped up their game and completed their biggest and last fundraiser named, “Chose the Children Challenge,” an effort to raise money and awareness for the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda – one person at a time. For over 2 weeks the team went around the school with cameras and took pictures of students with a sign saying __________ (I Chose Children, or I take the challenge). They then signed a petition. Alternatives included not eating lunch and covering their books with black – symbolic of the kids throughout the world who have no access to education, or submitting a fact they find related to Aids related deaths in children. A wall was dedicated to this project with the pictures centered around a central poster with the NGC message. All in all, the “challenge” was a success, and I am blown away by the creativity. If given the opportunity I’d love to do something similar myself in the future. Now the team is wrapping up by having a party with a slideshow and simply, “chillin'” out and electing next years leaders!

Piedmont High School has been incredible all year by really taking charge and taking care of themselves. Through their female power they chose the House of Hope and celebrated their ability to raise awareness. They’ve gotten the ball rolling, and being the first NGC team in North Carolina, I’m excited to see what great heights they take the organization to next year!

Over to Texas, Cypress Falls High School is working hard as ever! Through their own investigations, team leader Christina and her team found that candy sells; therefore, they’ve had a number of candy sales. Along with selling the candy, each student is given a slip of paper with information regarding their project on it. BAM. Funds and awareness in one. Brilliant! Cypress is always wrapping up the year with celebration and prepping for next year with flowing ideas and seeing who will step up to the plate as team leader. 🙂

Bioscience is finding some closure in the 2010-2011 school year and getting ready to go bigger and better for the 2011-2012 school year. Though this year hit a rough patch with a lack of community and school support, they are optimistic about their future endeavors. No matter how much or how little was raised, here at New Global Citizens, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING helps make the world a better a place, and Bioscience played their part.

The Papa Bears in Chicago have been juggling their 3 projects, and juggling them WELL to say the least! With a book drive in progress, the Papa Bears aren’t quite finished with the year. They are soaking in all the time they have to gain as much support as possible while raising remarkable funds and awareness. Through their many small and simple fundraisers, the team has been unbelievably successful, and it’s been an honor working with them! 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, Calabasas High School has really performed beyond my expectations. Though this team has been primarily independent, accomplishing and responsible on their own, it’s been great giving them extra support. Through selling bracelets and water bottles, and simply asking for donations, they have been successful. According to the school, by donating, one is pledging to support the efforts of access to clean water for all. Choosing the Well Repair Project the team has reached out to their principal, mayor and congressman. They have gained ample support and the Community Educating screened a documentary about the importance of clean water while also having a guest speaker. Calabasas truly thought outside of the box and made this year an exciting one for NGC!

As a young adult trying to make a difference in my community, I am inspired by the motives and actions I’ve seen take place this year. It’s been an honor, and I will continue to grow as an individual with NGC apart of me. Lets finish this year with a BAM!

And, that’s a wrap!

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