Process for developing a Poetry Night for a Team’s Project

This blog was posted and written by Noemi A. Gonzalez, freshman at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications – ASU

If your NGC team is interested in creating a Poetry Night for [Name of Cause goes here]: Thanks to Daniel Goman, adviser for Tolleson NGC, we now have a rough outline of how any NGC team may go about setting up a Poetry Night on campus! Thanks Tolleson NGC, I’m sure all the other teams appreciate it!

1.       Brought up the idea to the club and they agreed by vote for NGC to host the event (must be done at least one month before the event date)

2.       Create sign-up sheets for poets and/or musical performers for the event. Figure out a process to get poets/singers signed up to perform.

3.       At least one week before the event, NGC should hold a meeting for all poets/singers so they can finalize the program for the evening. Find out how long (minutes) each poem/song will be. You might also want students to bring a copy of poem/song to see how they fit the theme of the NGC project. Perhaps you can organize the performances by theme.

4.       Assign duties to club members for Poetry Night: concession table, entrance/admission table, merchandise table, etc.

5.       Advertise!! At least one week before event, be sure to distribute little flyers and make announcements on campus. Facebook! Banners around campus would be good too. Print programs for distribution at the event as well. Possibly a table at lunch advertising the event the week of, with some activity and flyers.

At the event:

1.       We brought 4-5 lamps and placed them around the room, hung white Christmas lights around the room, and turned out the lights. Created a nice, intimate feel. It was a double-sized classroom too that held about 80 people.

2.       Had a table at entrance with a sign-in sheet for all attendees. Parents and teachers are welcome to attend. Charged $1 admission.

3.       Had a concession table in the rear of the room: chips, cookies, tea, water, Starbucks frapps. A team merchandise table with duct tape wallets, headbands, hair clips.

4.       We had Team Leaders run the event with an introduction about the NGC project and a welcome. TL’s introduced every poet/singer. After intermission, a TL made a full 10-min presentation about NGC project, then more poems/songs.

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