RSK’s January Fundraising

Photo taken by Ana Galaz, RSK NGC Member. 

RSK NGC created another small to bring support to their project: House of Hope.

As Meghann Topilko said in a Facebook comment, ” We made four jars/cans asking for donations and saying “Change for Change,” and put them at the snackbar, the cash registers in the cafeteria and in the student store. It’s a place for students to drop their extra change…”

RSK is also in the process of setting up its own version of American Idol but calling it RSK Idol!

Remembering December: Basha NGC

In December, Basha NGC continued their tradition of bringing AIDS awareness to its school.

Although the team’s project is the Snowland Service Group in Asia, the girls that make up Basha NGC incorporated their project by using a white ribbon to create red and white bracelets. The Red is for AIDS awareness and the White for the Snowland Service Group.

Photos contributed by Basha NGC.