Not My Life

Mr. Goman, a former NGC Team Advisor who now mentors another NGC Team at Tolleson Union High School and University High School, Tolleson, encouraged me (Noemi) to watch the documentary film on human trafficking titled “Not My Life.”

He said that I might cry by the end. I actually had a knot in my throat. A survivor who was kidnapped and brought into a resistance army in Sudan and handed a gun and coerced into killing others who managed to escape now asks why these things happen; why can these things go on?

Shockingly, I learned about human trafficking (Sex trafficking) and how the U.S. is one of the many perpetrators.

We see women at night in poorer cities and dismiss them as if it’s their choice, but as the film explained, “Self-exploitation is making a choice out of many lousy options.”

Throughout the film, I saw many tragedies and horror stories outlined that NGC tries to provide tools to end the plight.

One of the most beautiful things I saw in the film was that people and communities who once had no hope cultivated it and started to educate themselves about a life they never before had — a life with an education and a life where their children would be safe!

To learn more about Not My Life, please click the link.

The following is a glimpse of the film:

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