Tolleson’s Growing Support for “A Ban Against Neglect”


This year marks the 3rd Chapter of NGC at Tolleson Union High School, with the first year dedicated to the Afghan Institute of Learning and the second year focusing on Shelter of Friendship, Brazil, along with Well-Repair Project, Malawi. This year the team is focusing on supporting ABAN, a ban against neglect, located in Ghana. The project helps young poor mothers who are currently living on among the streets. Through the use of sustainable methods, ABAN helps women get on their feet by teaching them how to create garments and accessories by making their city’s trash into marketable goods. To learn more about ABAN, please click here. 

The team is currently leading a large, no less than 20 member team and has already participated in Phoenix’s art culture event, First Fridays. 

Their upcoming event on Nov. 20 will involve a “Half the Sky” screening, which is included in this year’s starters kit package for all schools, and will host a panel for discussion with, hopefully, some guest speakers (ASU professors and/or teachers). 

The team is also making their own coin pouches to sell to the student population, along with investing in ABAN products in order to simultaenously support the ABAN women and girls while raising more funds and especially raising community awareness. 


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