Student Perspective: Trevor Thompson, Raymond S. Kellis HS Alumni

Contributed by Trevor Thompson

Question: Why did you join NGC, and how has it affected you? 

I joined New Global Citizens and created the team at Raymond S. Kellis High School my junior year of high school after attending the Cesar Chavez Leadership Institute at Arizona State University after a presentation about it was given.

It was amazing how fast the team grew as more and more people became interested in making a global impact and helping others who really needed it.

I am especially grateful for Mrs. Casey King, our adviser, who really had a passion for helping others and did anything and everything that she could in order to benefit the team.

Through advocating for and raising money for the House of Hope in Uganda, I truly grew as an individual in many different ways; I gained a passion for helping others that I never knew I had, I learned how good doing so feels, and I gained leadership qualities that will forever benefit me in the future.

I am thankful for New Global Citizens for giving me and numerous others like myself the wonderful opportunity to have such an enriching experience.

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