Magnolia High School Washes Away Poverty in Nicaragua


Posted by Jose Luis Gomez, Team Mentor and Student at Pomona College 

At the start of November, before the weather turned too “cool” in sunny Southern California, the Magnolia HS Team dedicated a Saturday morning to fundraise for their global project: Las Tias.

From 10 AM to 3 PM, the team labored and focused on attracting customers to their car wash while making this event as centered on educating the public as much as possible. To do so, the team made fliers about their event and their project that they posted around their school, handed out to people at stores, and distributed at parking lots.
Las Tias (The Aunties) is based in Leon, Nicaragua and provides art, music and education programs to help 6-18 year old Nicaraguan kids (many of whom who live on the street) who are at risk of developing substance abuse problems or experiencing neglect or abuse.
The team professes to having lots of fun during this event and enjoying the work they put towards this fundraiser.

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