3 Events to Bring Attention to Team

One of the troubles many teams face is being able to successfully spread the word out about the NGC Team and its cause.
Here are 3 easy and simple ways to do so that will also bring in funds while educating the school community –
1. Host a “Half the Sky” doc night. The shortened documentary is found in the teams starters kit. The documentary (and book) focuses on gender equality but also on universal education and many other global issues, so the team may tailor the night to fit around the scope of the team’s specific project
  • Watch the short film with the team first! Then…
  • Request permission from school administration to use the school’s auditorium for doc night on whichever date works best with the team
  • Once approved, distribute fliers of event across campus and within community; submit an announcement to be announced; submit a request for an ad with the school’s publication or with the school’s broadcasting staff, if school has either of those
  • With team, decide if there will be an admission price. I recommend a $1 admission price.
  • Create a Powerpoint Slide or short movie clip to show as “previews” before the film with slides with basic NGC facts, Global Issues facts, Quizzes like at the movies
  • Before the movie, tell the audience who the NGC team is, what the purpose of the team is, what NGC is, what the team’s project is and what “Half the Sky” is about
  • Before the movie, show the Girl Effect video and show a video related to the team’s project (not really necessary)
  • After film, host a panel discussion — I can help the team get in contact with Jennifer and Lisa (directors at NGC) so they may come out and participate and connect the team to other possible panelists (I can help for those in the valley!)
2. Host a Poetry Night for [Country of Project]. This is a really fun and interactive event that the team may host, plus it really fits in with the resurfacing of an indie culture among younger generations
3. Have team members wear “Ask Me About [Country]”/ “Ask Me About [Project]”/ “Ask Me About [Global Issue]” signs for a day at school and engage peers during passing periods or lunch in conversation! Also, have a table at lunch with fliers and a jar for donations and a trifold board with interactive info about the project. Take a look here for one way of going about this! 

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