Testimony of an NGC Dreamer: Aria McCardell

In March, NGC partnered with Global Leadership Adventures to award four NGC students a 10-day international trip of their choice.

Aria McCardell

Aria McCardell

Among the applicants, four young ladies stood out and were awarded ranging scholarships to volunteer abroad.

Of these students is Aria McCardell, 17-year-old graduate of University High School, Tolleson, and upcoming freshman of Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University.

As part of the GLA contest, Aria produced a short video defining why she is a global citizen.

Take a look:

Get to know Aria a little more –

NGC: What has NGC done for you?

Aria:  NGC has helped me realize my goals the focus that I want to have in my career of being an industrial designer. I want to help our environment through the use of innovative technology.

NGC: What are you hoping to accomplish through the GLA trip?

Aria: I want to learn all I can about the kind of lifestyles that people in developing nations lead. I hope to gain a lot of both personal and academic growth that will inspire me to keep going towards my goals.

NGC: What are your current goals and aspirations?

Aria: My current goal is to finish my undergrad so I can go on to Stanford and study Industrial Design. I want to draw and yet at the same time utilitze technology to help solve environmental problems that are affecting developing nations.

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