Testimony of an NGC Healer: Soha Ghanian

Soha Ghanian

Soha Ghanian

Seventeen-year-old Soha Ghanian is among the four NGC young women to receive the Global Leadership Adventure  scholarship.

Soha applied for the GLA trip to fulfill her desire of applying the knowledge NGC presented her with on global issues.

She says,  “I hoped to travel to Uganda or other nations affected from HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. GLA would provide the perfect opportunity for me to explore global issues and teen-driven solutions with other like-minded new global citizens.”

This previous school year, Soha led an NGC team at Horizon Community Learning Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

“While establishing this club, I wanted to mobilize the student body at Horizon Community Learning Center to help make a difference,” she says. “Our team raised funds and awareness to help combat HIV/AIDS in Uganda through our partnership with House of Hope.”

In the fall, she will be attending Brown University’s Program in Liberal Medical Education, an eight year B.S./M.D. program.

“I have always been intrigued by medicine and with humanity,” Soha says. “Once I become a physician, I hope to extend my healing hand to those with infectious diseases and around the world.”

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