Universal Education: Taking Action

mandelaSouth Africa’s anti-apartheid revolutionary and politician famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

With an education, people can learn to transform their lives and in turn transform their entire country. For example, when a young girl receives an education, she saves herself from falling victim to sex-trafficking in order to provide for herself, and, as a result, it helps break the cycle for other women in the country to avoid such a horrendous life, thus helping to better the entire country as a whole.

That is simply one example in a myriad of examples that show why universal education is the most essential step in moving towards global development. New Global Citizens supports many Global Partners, such as A Ban Against Neglect in Ghana, Al-Rowwad Theater in the Palestinian Territory, and the Afghan Institute of Learning, among many others, which focus on providing better education to people. This helps to enrich and transform the lives of the people residing in the less-developed countries. Through the integration of the F.A.C.E Goals, NGC teams can help projects that push universal education as a part of global development.

How To: Fundraise

Fundraising is the first aspect of F.A.C.E. Each Global Project needs funds in order to meet their goal of bringing better education to the people in the impoverished countries. Things such as school buildings, books, paper, and pencils are basic necessities in schools that the children in the less-developed countries do not have access to, so NGC teams can raise money for the Global Partner in order to give the people those school essentials, as a start. Team members can create fundraising events such as an education week or documentary night in order to raise revenue, selling hand-made merchandise to raise funds, and even create unique ways to get donations, such as having competitions between classes to see who can raise the most money. Since 100% of the funds raised by NGC teams go to the Global Projects, teams get the opportunity to directly impact the organizations and help make a difference when bringing education to people in impoverished countries.

How To: Advocate

House of Hope, Uganda

House of Hope, Uganda

The next step is “A” for Advocacy. Advocacy allows students to voice the issues of lack of education in impoverished countries. Many people are simply unaware of the issues surrounding the world, so they have no chance or opportunity to help make a difference. However, NGC teams can raise awareness on why universal education is essential for global development, and starting to give children in developing countries an early start in an education can break the cycle of turmoil and replace it with a more hopeful cycle. Simply by making people aware of the barriers on education gets them enthusiastic to take charge and make a difference, and NGC teams can do this by making their cause public and explaining the terrible consequences as a result of no formal education. This will raise awareness on the issue, and people will be eager to make a difference simply because they have more knowledge on the issue and how to combat it.

How To: Community Educate

Afghan Institute of Learning

Afghan Institute of Learning

The final aspect of F.A.C.E is Community Education. NGC teams that are passionate and enthusiastic to make the world a better place should share that passion with the entire community in order to rally support and create a bigger fight for universal education. Talking to people on a school campus or outside campus, creating flyers and educational videos, and inviting people to club-hosted events can go a long way. After all, education is the first step in global development, and that includes educating people on the issues surrounding the world today and creating ways on how to combat those issues. Educating a few people can create a ripple effect that will encourage an entire network of people ready to bring access to education to all parts of the world in order to push for international development.

When using each aspect of the F.A.C.E Goals, NGC teams can find multiple ways to help support the Global Partners. In the example of universal education, helping the organizations can make universal education a reality because each dollar a team makes and each person a team educates brings the world a step closer to a brighter future. Nelson Mandela’s quote works in many ways because educating people in the local community and fighting to bring education to people in impoverished countries will help transform the world.

Reach contributor and Team Mentor at Ahmad@newglobalcitizens.org

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