House of Hope: A Special Thanks

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During the 2012-2013 school year, four group of students across Arizona and North Carolina supported our grassroots partner House of Hope in Uganda raising over $3,000 and educating over 400 peers and community members.

House of Hope provides a safe and healthy environment for children who have been orphaned by AIDS/HIV, providing access to an education and clean and safe facilities. To learn more, visit Uganda Grassroots, House of Hope’s fiscal partner.

House of Hope, in an expression of gratitude, provided the four New Global Citizens teams with personalized ‘thank you’ photos from the students themselves!

To read about what the four NGC teams did to support House of Hope the previous school year, please continue to read below:

Weddington Middle School, North Carolina |  Funds Raised: $684.83 | Community Education: 100 Community Members 

Comprised of students from 6th to 8th grade, Weddington Middle School’s NGC Team hosted two major events to not only raise funds for House of Hope and Mobile Toy Library, but also to educate the school community. The team hosted a Team Booth during International Day where the members asked students who stopped by trivia questions related to Universal Education and Global Projects. Following, the team used the school’s Jean Day to raise funds. During Jean Day, students and teachers are allowed to wear jeans if the students pay $1 and teachers pay $2 to $5. Afterwards, the team worked together to write and deliver thank-you notes to give to participants. Overall, the team was able to educate their entire school community.

Cuthbertson High School, North Carolina | Funds Raised: $1,486.51 | Community Education: 100 Community Members

As part of our new Co-Curricular Program, teacher Nate Hahn led a group of 30 high school students at Cuthbertson High School in support of House of Hope. His students put together a can drive that went “fantastically.” Nate says, “As a first year teacher, I was a little overwhelmed, but feel far more confident for next year.”

Horizon Honors High School, Arizona Funds Raised: $133.00 | Community Education: 100 Community Members

With a strict administration, the NGC Team at Horizon High School worked col-
lectively to put together an educational video to showcase to the community and out their annual gift-wrapping fundraiser at Barnes & Noble, a bookstore.

Raymond S. Kellis High School, Arizona | Funds Raised: $834.00 | Community Education: 100 Community Members

The Raymond S. Kellis’ NGC Team raised over $500 in support of House of Hope. The team is reputable for its focus on raising funds! The team developed events such as a water balloon fundraiser during the school’s carnival and through a Change for Change drive the team has been putting on since its inception. The team was also able to raise funds and educate the community through a “Send Your Love to Africa” where students purchased a paper heart and for an extra cost were able to decorate it and add it to a mural.

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