I Support New Global Citizens: Noemi Gonzalez


I Support New Global Citizens because since my introduction to the organization during my senior year of high school, my life goals, mindset and appreciation for culture and education took a turn for the better. Simply put, New Global Citizens changed my life by further putting me on a path where a love for the Afghan culture developed, a strong belief in education’s power to resolve pressing global issues formed, and the knowledge that my potential as a human being is far greater than I ever imagined.

I support New Global Citizens because as a student I took the steps in leading other students to help women in Afghanistan achieve their inherent rights. Today, I see, hear and read on a daily basis how students across the nation are taking strides towards becoming global citizens. New Global Citizens’ platforms instill in these young people the ability to imagine solutions for global issues in a far better world than the one we live in today, and most importantly, to take action and develop said imagined solutions to support people and children thousands of miles away from them.

I Support New Global Citizens because each day that I come into the office, I learn from our partners the greater impact the students in the states are having to local people in other countries, and because I truly believe that we, New Global Citizens, are changing the world for the better one student at a time.
– Noemi Gonzalez, NGC Communications Coordinator

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