The Yellow Birds Review

The NGC staff started the Documentary/Book Club to review resources we utilize in our programs and to find new ways to learn more about global issues. Feel free to email the reviewer (contact info below) if you have any follow-up questions!

Author: Kevin Powers

“There is a sharp distinction between what is remembered, what is told and what is true.” 

Who should read: 10th – 12th graders

Why it’s important: Deals with Global Issue of Armed Conflict

What Lisa thought : Kevin Powers provides a gripping narrative of a soldier in the 2004 Iraq conflict. This account is graphic, exact, and personal, incisively conveying the emotion involved in armed conflict and the aftermath of fighting in the lives of soldiers and those around them. Themes of PTSD, the emotional toll of conflict, and uncertainty of purpose are revisited throughout the novel. This novel can be a difficult read in terms of emotional content, but it leaves the reader with a greater understanding of the horrors of war and their long-lasting effects.

Lisa Glenn, Director of Programs, reviewed The Yellow Birds to learn more about her click here.

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