A Path Appears: Violence and Solutions (Part III) Review

Photo: Kennedy and Jessica Odede (http://apathappears.org/)

Photo: Kennedy and Jessica Odede (http://apathappears.org/)

The NGC staff started the Documentary/Book Club to review resources we utilize in our programs and to find new ways to learn more about global issues. Feel free to email the reviewer (contact info below) if you have any follow-up questions!

“It’s not about one person who receives the abuse, but everyone else around them.”

Who should watch: High school students (with parental consent) and adults

Why it’s important: The third installment of the A Path Appears series highlights the connection between poverty and gender-based violence that is faced by countless across the globe.

What Maggie thought: A Path Appears: Violence and Solutions is a must-see and worthy follow-up to WuDunn and Kristof’s Half the Sky (documentary and film). In this final episode, viewers learn about gender-based violence in Atlanta, Georgia and Kibera, Kenya, as well as organizations in these places that are working to solve this problem at a local level.

Though Atlanta and Kibera are quite different in government infrastructure, financial opportunity, and education systems, gender-based violence (domestic abuse and rape) exist in both communities. Women from all backgrounds face these threats, especially those of marginalized, impoverished populations. However, organizations like Men Stopping Violence and Shining Hope (founded by Kennedy and Jessica Odede) are proof that local leaders can make change one individual at a time. Education, public health campaigns, and counseling support this change which will slowly transform a community. By bringing this issue to the forefront of public conversation, gender-based violence can be eliminated from our culture.

After finishing this series, my only complaint is the lack of examples from Asia. Half the Sky shared stories from this region, but I think this film would have also benefitted from this focus.

With that being said, I believe the individuals and organizations highlighted were prime examples of how to attack the root causes of a problem in order to find sustainable, locally-led solutions. I look forward to the next film and book written by WuDunn and Kristoff.

Did you get the chance to see this episode? If so, what did you think?

Maggie Broderick, NGC Development & Operations Manager, reviewed A Path Appears to learn more about her click here.

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