Tolleson NGC Community Educates through Doc Night

By Noemi A. Gonzalez, Student at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism – ASU 

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On Friday, March 23, Tolleson NGC presented “Favela Rising,” a film about the Brazilian favelas. They presented this film in support of their project, Shelter of Friendship stationed in Brazil.

In regards to the night, Team Mentor Shirley said, “Documentary Night turned out a little better than I had expected. Before we had started showing it, there were probably about 10 people in the auditorium, but after the documentary, when the team leaders went up [to the front] to present a little more about [the film], I saw that there were around 20 [people]. It wasn’t a huge number, but it was still a lot better than I had expected. I also think that it quite impacted them as it impacted me, too, even though it was my second time watching it.”

Just as Shirley mentioned, despite a small turnout, an NGC team may have a huge impact on its audience, no matter the amount of people present to listen, see and understand.

Tolleson’s February Event: Brazilian Culture Night

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Tolleson NGC, in February, reserved the entire Cafenasium to celebrate the culture of Brazil and bring awareness to Shelter of Friendship.

Inside the building, they set up stations to showcase four different regions of Brazil. Members made poster boards with information and some brought Brazilian snacks for people to sample. There was a station  for mask-painting, Brazilian Carnival Style.

The adviser, Mr. Goman, was in charge of the soccer net where students took a shot to get a goal past him.

There was also a table where students were educated about Shelter of Friendship and were able to donate.

“I feel as if the night was extremely successful,” said Jose-Luis Gomez, team leader. “The atmosphere was really relaxed, and I think that attracted people. The free food was a plus, and the opportunities to be engaged helped out.We had a mask-making station, an opportunity to try to get a soccer ball past Goman, and a chance to paint your hands on a Brazilian flag.”


Small fundraiser that makes a difference

Basha NGC welcomed 2012 with a simple idea to fund raise for Snowland Service Group in Asia and spread awareness the state children find themselves just an ocean away from the US. They went out an asked Panda Express and Rubios to help them spread awareness and help them fund raise for this cause. The turnout: Success.

Basha NGC demonstrates that a simple effort to raise awareness is not all that hard. Maybe this is a fundraiser that your team can try out!